Should You Reface or Replace Your Cabinets?

When your cabinets start to show their age, what’s the best way to revitalize your kitchen? You have two basic options for updating your cabinets; you can reface or replace them. There are benefits and drawbacks to both options. But no matter which you choose, you should always consult the pros about cabinets in Hollis, NH Woodworks.


First, let’s look at the differences between refacing and replacing cabinets.



Refacing your cabinets is essentially what it sounds like. Instead of getting entirely new cabinets, you just give the cabinets you have a facelift. This could be as simple as sanding and applying new stain or paint, or you could replace the cabinet doors with a new style. New hardware also completes the look. It’s like getting a new kitchen without the price tag of a full remodel.



Replacing the cabinets is also exactly what it sounds like. You take out not just the doors but also the cabinet boxes and replace them with new ones. If you are doing a complete kitchen remodel, replacing the cabinets is usually what you want to do.


Now let’s look pros and cons of each option for updating your cabinets.


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Why Reface?

While refacing your cabinets is certainly the less expensive option, it’s not the best choice in every circumstance. For refacing to be worth it, your cabinet boxes need to be in good shape. You also need to be happy with the current layout of your cabinets. When you are only refacing your cabinets, it is nearly impossible to rearrange what you have into a new workable layout. The primary drawback to refacing your cabinets is subpar work really stands out. Your best bet is to hire a professional who will do the job thoroughly so that the refinishing looks like new and the doors are hung properly.


Why Replace?

Replacing your cabinets does give you a lot more options, but it is more expensive. However, if you have the budget to replace your cabinets, it is usually the best choice. You know that both the boxes and the doors are new and you can redesign the layout of your cabinets if the flow of your kitchen isn’t working.


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