Millwork Draftsperson

The Millwork Draftsperson designs unique, custom cabinetry by reading detailed specifications off a blueprint. This individual has a firm knowledge of cabinetry and wood joinery. Having the ability to problem solve independently, on top of your skillset, impeccable customer service skills, detail to attention, and dedication to deliver results with uncompromising quality also make you stand out from the crowd.



  • Strong knowledge of architectural woodworking,
  • Millwork engineering and cabinet construction experience,
  • Blueprints and redlines expertise,
  • Ability to multitask over multiple projects simultaneously,
  • Loves creative problem solving with the ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Working knowledge of Cabinet Vision or AutoCAD
  • Proficient product design skills.
  • Excellent technical, analytical, and reasoning skills.
  • Knowledge and understanding of AWI standards.