Make Your Fireplace Stand Out With These Renovation Tips

Now is the perfect time to renovate your fireplace mantle, just in time for the winter season! While traditional mantles are beautiful on their own, incorporating a new mantle design can make all the difference to your home. Whether you’re looking for a new fireplace mantle, custom cabinets, a kitchen remodel, or more, you can rely on NH Woodworks to get the job done!

Here are a few unique ideas to get you started on planning a new mantle design!

Floating Mantle

A floating fireplace mantle is an excellent choice for a number of reasons. For starters, the extra space that comes with a floating mantle can benefit you if your fireplace is located in a smaller room in the home. It won’t take up too much space or feel too busy and crowded in that area. 

Another benefit of a floating mantle is that it allows more room for storage. Just make sure that it’s a safe distance away from the fire or extreme heat! If you’re going for a minimalistic design, this is the perfect starting point. 


Live Edge Mantle

Live edge is a style of wood that includes the natural edges of a piece of wood’s surface. This includes things like wood grain, bark, wormholes, and similar things. This style of wood is quite popular at the moment.

Live edge wood provides an “in nature” feel as you can see all the exposed details like the curves and shape of the wood, along with the bark. This can create a beautiful contrast while propped up next to smoother, human-made components in the home.


Mantle With Storage

Incorporating a mantle with different storage compartments is a great idea to save space and diminish clutter. You can store things like DVDs and remotes, and hide wires within the mantle. This is a great option if you’re looking for a more sleek and clean design! 


custom cabinets

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