Custom Cabinetry: Make an Impression in Your Entryway

Whether you go in and out through the front door, side door, backdoor, or basement, there’s something you need: somewhere to sit down and put on your shoes. Or take them off, if you’re coming in rather than going out. At NH Woodworks, we don’t confine our custom cabinetry and woodworking to kitchens and bathrooms. Wherever you need storage in your home, we can come up with a unique solution.


Here are some custom cabinetry ideas to help you organize your home’s entryway.


Simple and Practical: The Storage Bench

If you don’t have a lot of space, a simple storage bench is the way to go. Choose the wood, color, or finish that matches your home for this simple and practical storage solution. You can have a bench with built-in drawers so you can organize the items that you keep near the door. You can also opt for a bench with a seat that lifts up if you need to stash something bigger by the door or you don’t have enough space to pull a drawer out.


Family Storage: Cabinets and Cubbies

If you have kids, keeping their coats and shoes organized is nearly a full-time job. If you have the space in your basement or by the backdoor, building cubbies or cabinets for each family member to stow their stuff is the best solution. You won’t be able to immediately convince your kids to put their shoes and coats away, but at least they’ll have a designated area where they belong!


Impress Your Guests: Hooks over the Bench

When you have guests over, you want to look organized and give them a nice place to leave their bags and jackets. If you’re a “shoes off” house, you also want them to have somewhere to sit down to take off their shoes or put them back on when they leave. Having a bench by your front door creates a welcoming environment for your guests from the moment they arrive. Adding hooks above to hang their coats also avoids the awkwardness of scooting back to the spare bedroom before showing them to the door.


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Custom Cabinetry and Storage Solutions from NH Woodworks

For custom cabinetry, you won’t find better work than ours at NH Woodworks. Whether you’re remodeling a whole room or just adding some storage, we’ll make something beautiful and unique for you and your home.


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