Choosing Kitchen Cabinets That Will Never Look Dated

When you’re planning a kitchen remodel, it’s tempting to jump on the bandwagon of all the latest design trends. But what do you do when those trends go out of style? It can be a challenge to find that sweet spot between what’s in style now and what will look dated in a few years or even a decade. Remodeling your kitchen is expensive, it’s not just something you can do every few years. When you’re choosing your kitchen cabinets, you want something modern and stylish, but also timeless. If that sounds impossible, don’t worry. Our team at NH Woodworks is here to make your kitchen dreams come true.


Here are some of our favorite trends in kitchen cabinets that will stand the test of time.


Natural Wood

It won’t surprise you that we think wood is naturally beautiful. We are woodworkers after all. The natural color of light hardwoods can brighten up your kitchen and goes with any color scheme you choose or already have in your kitchen. Natural wood brings a warm and homely feel to a kitchen, especially if it gets a lot of natural light. If you want to make your kitchen bright and cheery, natural wood kitchen cabinets are always a good choice.


Simple Design

Design trends are often hard to pin down because they tend to change from year to year. To avoid this pitfall, opt for simple designs. Shaker-style cabinets in particular are a design that never goes out of style. Depending on the aesthetic of your kitchen decor, they can look sleek and modern or rustic and comfortable.



When we think of painted kitchen cabinets, white is usually the color that comes to mind. But there is another color taking kitchens by storm that we think is here to stay: blue. Blue can be an accent color or act as a neutral, depending on the shade you pick. Blues with gray undertones work well as neutrals while brighter blues or even navy are accent colors that pair with other color schemes.

Timeless Kitchen Cabinets from NH Woodworks

No matter your kitchen style, NH Woodworks can design kitchen cabinets that look beautiful and will never go out of date. Our team of skilled craftsmen has been making custom woodworking designs since 2010. Whatever your kitchen design dreams are, we can craft something to make them a reality.


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